Flamenco Punk

(Rag-O-Rama earrings//Free People necklace//secondhand top//H&M skirt//Pink&Pepper booties//Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip in TooLips)

I know that this blog is mainly about fashion but I’m really excited about these photos. My goal is always to go beyond documentation and make my photos as aesthetically pleasing as well. I’d even go as far to say it’d be amazing to see fashion photography and fine arts photography bleed into each other on here. I know that’s up to me and I am a practicing artist, it’ll just take some work to see where those two categories meet.

As for the title, which may seem strange and confusing, it has a backstory. When I was young I loved playing fashion games online (just like probably half of all the little girls in the world). I don’t recall what the game was called, but one of them involved dressing models for the runway based on the specific style of the show. It included the obvious categories like business, sporty, black tie, etc., but there was also a style called “flamenco punk” that combined the edge of punk style (think leather, plaid, etc) with the flair of flamenco dancer costumes (ruffles, full skirts, etc). Somehow that lasted in my memory and it’s been kind of a goal of mine to make a look like that happen in real life. I love the combination of such different styles of clothing. I wouldn’t say this look is super strongly “flamenco punk” but it’s the closest I’ve ever come.



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  1. I love your outfit, it is very stylish! I wish the photos of it were a bit bigger to see the details!

    //Timi from https://imeastyle.wordpress.com/


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