Summer Plaid

(DIY choker//Free People top//FRAME jeans)

This outfit is one of those rare ones that I love despite the lack of black. I think each piece is just so well fitted which isn’t something I’m used to. Being such a tiny person means most clothes are somewhat oversized on me, even if they aren’t supposed to be. However, being small was to my advantage when I snagged these jeans at my workplace last summer. I got them at a major 50% off discount, and I think the reason they were so on sale was partially because most of the customers are adults… and most adults aren’t a 24. So I won, just this once. They’re good quality so despite heavy distressing, they’re not continuing to unravel with each wear and they don’t stretch out. And everything is better distressed, right? (Though these jeans are pulling off the distressed thing a lot better than I am…. ha)

I’m also pretty excited about this necklace. I wouldn’t say it’s a statement or anything but the fact that I made it myself means I’m more excited about wearing it. And, as promised, I will be making a tutorial post on how to make a tassel (or other pendant) choker though I swear it is SO SIMPLE. I shot the photos for that post right after I shot this look, so I should have that up within the next couple of days!



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  1. very pretty x
    Please take a look at my page am new to the whole blogging thing and any advice and a follow would be appreciated x


  2. Great outfit, I especially love the top you`re wearing! I can imagine wearing it with shorts as well.

    //Timi from


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