(Thread ring//Thread bralette//Maison Scotch top (bought at Thread)//H&M skirt//Qupid boots)

If the title didn’t make it obvious, this is a work outfit. Though fortunately my work style doesn’t have to differ much from my everyday style, I definitely keep a few things in mind when getting dressed. Since I work at a curatorial boutique with a very specific style, the first thing I think about is ensuring my outfit reflects that (sort of boho/classic). I also try and wear items bought from the store because… duh. Since I’m kind of a behind-the-scenes girl, I’m not sure anyone’s terribly concerned with how I look but I love dressing up for work! It’s fun and makes me feel confident.

Though the gold accents felt very luxurious, this top was the highlight of this outfit for me. Probably because it’s my most recent purchase (and kind of a splurge for me but… treat yo self?). I felt like it was incredibly unique which made it worthwhile. It’s the textures and silhouette that make it unique but since it’s monochrome, I can wear it with tons of different things. The peekaboo on the side is very cute too~

It’s also appropriate that I wore my Maison Scotch top on the day that I wrote a blog post on Maison Scotch for the website. I’ll now be writing weekly blog posts at work so I’m already feeling like a fashion-blogging machine. I’ve been really busy between this job and doing my own summer thing, but I’m definitely not complaining. Expect some more types of posts (non-ootd) to come soon!


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  1. Love these shoes gurl


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