Love or Rust

(Stella & Dot bee necklace//Forever 21 crochet top//Free People pants)

The first thing I’m gonna point out is non-fashion related but I chopped my hair! If you don’t know me, you might refer back to my first post in which my hair was still waist-length. I’m not gonna lie, this is more of a chop than I wanted (I think I asked to keep more length… but anyway) BUT I am trying to embrace my new length. It’s definitely a little easier to manage and doesn’t swallow up the entire top half of my outfit.

Speaking of showing off an outfit, I was super excited about sharing this one. Something about it feels quite different than what I would normally wear, but feels very chic and summer-y. It’s been surprisingly hot where I live considering we’ve just barely tipped into June. That being said, I’m definitely having fun playing with summer fashion after many months of cold. One of the things that made this look feel fun to me were the sunglasses. When I first acquired these (found them on the ground in a parking lot and picked them up – I’m dead serious) I thought they were kind of silly, but they’re growing on me.

Though I love sharing outfits, I’ve planned out some other types of posts for the near future! I’m also now writing the blog for the store that I work in, so I’m trying to expand my mindset on different types of blog posts. If there’s any type of post you would like to see, leave me a comment!



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  1. Love it! Check out and follow my blog too please! 🙂


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