First Impression: Colourpop Cosmetics


After hearing a ton about Colourpop cosmetics from some of my favorite YouTubers, some of which have even done collaborations with the company, I had to try some products out for myself. Not only did it seem like a fun and budget-friendly treat for myself, but I’ve also found myself at a place in my life where I want to make subtle changes. Trying to become a “lipstick person” might seem like a silly change to make, but gotta start small, right? And spoiler alert: Colourpop’s products could very well make me a lipstick person. Amazing.

As you can see, I ordered 3 different shades of the Ultra Satin Lip (top to bottom: Echo Park, Toolips, Lost), one brow pencil (Dope Taupe), and one Super Shock Shadow (Drift).


I was quite impressed with the brow pencil, though I can’t say I’ve tried a ton of brow products in the past. Up until now I’ve been using a pencil that was too dark for my hair color so the biggest improvement here is that this color is much better for me! I also love that the pencil comes with a spoolie on the end. I do have a spoolie in my makeup brush collection BUT half of the time I  travel, I forget to bring it with me and my brows end up looking crazy with pencil that isn’t blended out.

The shadow shade I bought, Drift, is a shimmery cranberry hue. I’m wearing it in the photos above in combination with a few other shades from the UD Naked palette. I’m no makeup professional and in my opinion, Colourpop’s shadows aren’t the easiest to work with. The recommendation is that you use either a finger or a synthetic-bristle brush to apply it. I tried the latter suggestion and this definitely helps, but it did take some time to really work the shadow into the lid and blend it properly. Regardless, it’s a beautiful shade and I’ll definitely continue to use it.lipswatches

Finally, I tried out a variety of Satin Lip liquid lipsticks. In the past, I’ve tried traditional tube lipsticks and always felt uncomfortable wearing them. I also felt that they looked good immediately after application but would get dry and flaky after a little while. Colourpop’s liquid lipsticks are a whole different story though and I LOVE them. They’re very easy to apply (I often struggle with the outline of my lips), they feel like nothing on the lips, and they stay hydrated-looking. Oh and of course, the colors are beautiful. I would definitely go back for more colors later on (Cozy, Frick n Frack, Prim… please?). I’m now much more likely to incorporate lip color into my day-to-day look.

Over all, I was very happy with the Colourpop products I tried and would highly recommend them! All of the products I got were either $5 or $6 which was great for my college-student budget. The quality is great for the price and allowed me to treat myself to several products and colors. I hope this little review can be of help to anyone considering Colourpop or just looking for new makeup to try out!


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