(Free People necklace//H&M (secondhand) kimono//Thread tank//H&M (secondhand) skirt//Target sandals//Colourpop satin lip in Toolips)

Today was my first day back at my boutique job, and though I didn’t have a lot of time to pick out an outfit, I ended up loving it enough that I wanted to photograph an outfit of the day. This tank is one of my first purchases from the store when I started the job. I wanted to create a black and white look that suited my style but also the NINETY degree weather. That’s right, ninety. Not the day to be going to a heated yoga class, doing yard work, taking outdoor pictures, or generally running around like a chicken with its head cut off. But I can’t complain too much, it actually felt great to be busy for once. I also received a shipment of  Colourpop cosmetics and am considering doing a first impressions post (and it’s a good first impression!)

What I love about this look is its balance between edgy and feminine, with a slight bohemian vibe. And of course I love that it’s all black and white – wearing color’s not really my thing. Although neither was lipstick, and I’m giving that a shot.. so who knows?


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